Inspiring Uniqueness

You cannot blend in, if you were born to stand out

Being different is being someone

Inspiring Uniqueness

Playtop strive towards and celebrate being different

Playtop is a team of dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable professionals, who through a global network of exclusive Playtop Licensees, are determined to Inspire Uniqueness around the world.

As a global team we bring safe, sustainable, innovative and durable play and leisure surfaces to every demographic across the world and we strive to always inspire and embrace uniqueness in both products and people.

Playtop celebrates being different. We live in a complex and ever-changing world – we strive to be proactive, responsible and conscious-minded in our business. We thrive on the ability to inspire the world around us, just like it inspires us to truly make a difference.

We are also very good listeners, so if you have an idea for how we can become even more unique or how we can inspire even more creativity in our work, please do not hesitate to contact us.