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01 May 2011
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Playtop Reveals 3D Rubber Animals to Engage Children and Promote Play

Playtop Licensing Ltd is introducing an exclusive range of 3D rubber animals. The range will be available worldwide and will include a variety of pieces including animals and shapes, all designed to foster creativity and play among children. MORE

Tickled Pink!

Imagine - installing over 900 square metres of pink Playtop! Well, Van Vliet, the Dutch Playtop licensee has done just that in South East Amsterdam. MORE
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Povrch Playtop v múzeu Guggenheim

Povrch Playtop možno vidieť v múzeu Guggenheim v Bilbau v Španielsku.

Hrozno z materiálu Playtop

Španielska vinárska spoločnosť Rioja vytvorila pre vchod do svojho centra pre návštevníkov hrozno pokryté materiálom Playtop.

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Playtop with Nike Grind